Zukunftstürchen Nr. 19

Zukunftstürchen Nr. 19

Ab dem 1. Advent erscheint hier jeden Tag ein Zitat aus der Science Fiction, das einen kleinen Ausblick auf eine Arbeitszukunft gibt.

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Viel Spaß.


Nr. 19

Ada Palmer, Too Like the Lightning

"In 2266, when the work week finally shortened to twenty hours, and crowds deserted those few professions which required more, the first Anonymous, Aurel Gallet, rushed to defend ‘vocation’ with a tract which is still mandatory reading for three Hive-entry programs. Why is a calling passive, he asked? Why is one called helplessly to one’s vocation, when surely it is an active thing? I find my calling, take it, seize that delight, that path before me, make it mine. I call it like a summoned magic, it does not call me. His new word ‘vocateur’ (one who calls) was born to remind us that a person with a strong vocation is not a victim driven helplessly to toil, but a lucky soul whose work is also pleasure, and to whom thirty, forty, fifty hours are welcome ones.

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