Zukunftstürchen Nr. 10

Zukunftstürchen Nr. 10

Ab dem 1. Advent erscheint hier jeden Tag ein Zitat aus der Science Fiction, das einen kleinen Ausblick auf eine Arbeitszukunft gibt.

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Viel Spaß.


Nr. 10

Frederik Pohl, The Midas Plague

"The hat-manufacturing robots fought over the gloves with the same mechanical passion as they had for hats. “And that can apply to anything we—or the robots—produce,” Morey added. “Everything from pins to yachts. But the point is that they get satisfaction from possession, and the craving can be regulated according to the glut in various industries, and the robots show their appreciation by working harder.” [...] Satisfaction leads to more work—and better work—and that means more goods, which they can be made to want, which means incentive to work, and so on, all around.” “Closed cycle,” whispered the Ration Board man in awe. “A real closed cycle this time!”"

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