Zukunftstürchen Nr. 11

Zukunftstürchen Nr. 11

Ab dem 1. Advent erscheint hier jeden Tag ein Zitat aus der Science Fiction, das einen kleinen Ausblick auf eine Arbeitszukunft gibt.

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Viel Spaß.


Nr. 11

Tim Maugham, Flyover Country

"A constant stream of naked iPhones come down the conveyor belt to me, […] At the station next to me, a slender matte-black robot arm twitches, snapping video chips into the motherboards. It is relentless, undistracted, untiring. Given half a chance Foxconn would replace us all, but then they'd lose all those special benefits the President promised them for coming here in the first place. [...] And Apple? Well, without me standing here, clipping one Chinese-made component into another Chinese-made component, Apple loses the right for a robot in Shenzhen to laser engrave 'Made in the USA by the Great American Worker' into every iPhone casing before they're shipped over here."

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