Zukunftstürchen Nr. 12

Zukunftstürchen Nr. 12

Ab dem 1. Advent erscheint hier jeden Tag ein Zitat aus der Science Fiction, das einen kleinen Ausblick auf eine Arbeitszukunft gibt.

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Viel Spaß.


Nr. 12

Nancy Kress, When Nano Came to Town

“Amelia’s working on creating an apomictic corn plant. That’s corn that doesn’t need pollination, that can produce its own seeds asexually, like non-hybrid varieties once did, and like blackberries and mangos and some roses do now. Apomictic corn would keep all the good traits of hybrid corn, maybe even with added benefits, but farmers wouldn’t have to buy seed every year.” “[...] “Even though apomixis was my doctoral thesis. The biotech company wanted us to work on things that were more immediately profitable. But now that I don’t need to earn a salary, that oversight agencies are pretty much dismantling, and that I can get the equipment I need from nano . . . well, nano makes it possible for me to do some real work!”

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