Zukunftstürchen Nr. 4

Zukunftstürchen Nr. 4

Ab dem 1. Advent erscheint hier jeden Tag ein Zitat aus der Science Fiction, das einen kleinen Ausblick auf eine Arbeitszukunft gibt.

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Viel Spaß.


Nr. 4

Cory Doctorow, Walk-Away

"[Materials] flowed into the job site. The building tracked and configured them, a continuously refactored critical path for its build plan that factored in the skill levels of workers or robots on-site at any moment. The effect was something like magic and something like ritual humiliation. If you installed something wrong, the system tried to find a way to work around your stupid mistake. Failing that, the system buzzed your haptics with rising intensity. If you ignored them, it tried optical and even audible. If you squelched that, it started telling the other humans that something was amiss, instructed them to fix it."

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